Miss Kramer - Six Blue - Math

 Sixth Grade Math - Blue Book

Daily Assignments - Agenda Items

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         Important Dates

*Sept 29th:  Magazine Sale Ends

*Oct 13th: MEAP Testing Starts

*Nov 4th: Picture Retakes

*Nov 6th: 1/2 Day for Students
Last Day of 1st Marking Period

*Nov 9th: 1st Day of 2nd Marking Period

*Nov 18th: Parent/Teacher Conferences from 5:00 to 8:00

*Nov 19th: Conferences from 9:00 to 8:00 (No Students)

*Nov 20th: Teacher Work Day - No Students

*Nov 25-29th: Thanksgiving Break - No School!

Course Syllabus

Course 2 Syllabus
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  My philosophy on homework… 

It is important for the students to practice the concepts being learned but I also feel it’s important for students to have as much class time as possible to work on their homework. This allows students time to ask questions and receive extra help in the classroom. This means students will almost always start their homework in class before they get home.  Occasionally there will be an assignment that is strictly homework, but for the most part, class work not finished at school then becomes homework and is due the following day.